Greetings from the new chairman

May 31, 2017

ODA, Kyoichi, Ph.D.

Dean, Professor
Nippon Institute of Technology
Graduate School of Management of Technology (MOT)

ODA, Kyoichi, Ph.D.
ODA, Kyoichi, Ph.D.
President of the J-MOT

I am excited to take on the role of chairman of J-MOT (the Japan Association of Professional Graduate School of Technology Management) beginning this fiscal year, with my school, the MOT Graduate School of the Nippon Institute of Technology, working as the managing institution of the association.

I would truly appreciate support for J-MOT’s activities throughout the coming two years from the member institutions of the J-MOT Council, MEXT, METI, and the industrial world. It has been almost 15 years since the first Japanese graduate school focusing on specialist occupations in the field of MOT(management of technology) was established in 2003.

As the structures of industries and businesses have been changing drastically in recent years due to the rapid development of ICT, the role of J-MOT is expected to be increasingly important. At the MOT Council, we will tackle MOTs that can contribute to the industry more than ever before.

We will work hard to identify and achieve the best that we can do to contribute more than ever before to the industrial world, utilizing the characteristics of each university. Your continued cooperation and support would be greatly appreciated.